Imagine the Possibilities

Spark Talks II

Friday, March 23, 5:15 PM–6:15 PM

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 201 ABC

Ready, Set, Go! Our presenters have only five minutes each to ignite some new ideas. Using a combination of innovative slides and lightning-fast talk, they’ll share a personal passion inspired by their work to fire-up you and your public library colleagues. If they go over five minutes, we’re using the big hook. The clock starts… NOW!

Presenter Topic
Rebecca Czarnecki, Denver (CO) Public Library Breaking Binary
Let’s break down the gender binary in five minutes. Assigning labels, like male or female, is how we understand the world around us. However, if we’re presented with a limited number of options, it can also be highly restrictive. The options we’re presented with become blinders that we don’t know how to see or think beyond. This talk aims to remove those blinders, challenge assumptions, and think beyond just the M or F box.
Karen Keys, Brooklyn (NY) Public Library Later Literacy
Early literacy, early literacy, early literacy! Do you work with teens? Are you sick of hearing about talking, writing, reading, playing, and singing for the under 5 set? Award-winning YA author Jason Reynolds has shared that he was 17 before he read a book cover to cover. It’s time to focus on later literacy and practices that will engage youth in books and stories.
Daniel Verbit, Philadelphia University Medical Websites That Don’t Make Your Patrons Hypochondriacs
Too often patrons ask Doctor Bing and Doctor Google about their health concerns, and the top results can be scary to the average consumer. A medical librarian with a specialization in consumer health will provide a quick “how to” for dealing with patron concerns and providing helpful web resources that don’t sell patron data or items. You will leave with the ability to help your patrons find solid vetted answers to many medical inquiries, and ways for you to learn more!
Amanda Feist, Saint Paul (MN) Public Library Serving Patrons Experiencing Homelessness in Your MakerSpace
Many people experiencing homelessness spend their days in the library. Are they accessing your library’s maker programming? Learn how Saint Paul Public Library staff has gone from cautiously accepting to fully promoting the library’s adult makerspace to all. The talk will cover frequently asked questions (such as setting boundaries, theft, and mental illness) and incredible outcomes, such as members using our space to create items they need to survive and repairing relationships of many kinds.
Patrick Hoecherl, Salt Lake City (UT) Public Library Staff Database Training in 5 Minutes or Less
Convincing staff to put in the time to learn about library databases can feel like pulling teeth. Learn how I used principles of microlearning to design a series of training exercises to help staff gain familiarity with library databases in five minutes or less, while also creating a fun gameful learning experience that staff actually enjoyed!
Julie Jurgens, Arlington Heights (IL) Memorial Library Youth Services: The Cockroach Dept. of the Library World
When the world ends, all we’ll be left with is Cher, Ringo Starr, Keith Richards, cockroaches, and youth services staff. Learn why YS is the alpha and omega of all library departments, and what you can learn from YS to make your department, library, and world a better place.
John Pappas, Cheltenham Township (PA) Library System Keeping Board Games and Board Game Events Inclusive
With the popularity of board games in popular media and in libraries, it is important to locate and promote board games with appropriate representation of marginalized voices. This brief talk will provide titles that do so. From Fog of Love to This War of Mine, these titles will move outside of the standard narrative that predominates in board gaming.

Order of presentation might change on the day of the session.

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